Over the last dozen years, I have sent holiday cards to all of you who have been involved in Farm in the City in one way or another. In my card, I would say that the gardens were sleeping, and that we were busy preparing for the next summer season. This year, my message is slightly different. The gardens are sleeping, but Farm in the City is also hibernating, and we have no plans for awakening in the spring.


We had a good run at organizing garden-based programs for children and community gardens for their families and friends. Our gardens remain as testimony to that work. However, Farm in the City itself will no longer be operating any programs.



When spring finally comes and the first signs of green life emerge from the winter-cooled earth, remember us with fondness. The seasons will keep turning without us, but the environment still needs our energy and commitment to keep it healthy and whole. If we accomplished anything, I hope that we created a shared sense of responsibility for mending the natural world. Each of us has a role to play in that process.


We forged so many important relationships with all of you and together we made St. Paul a more livable community for everyone. May you forever keep the gardening movement alive and well in your own corners of the world.